It seems that (especially for women) switching from regular skincare products to natural versions is one of the toughest natural living steps to take.

Oily, normal, dry, and combination skin are common. Different ingredients and combinations work better for these skin types, but there's overlap.

Normal skin has few flaws, small pores, and isn't sensitive.

Best Exfoliators for Normal Skin – Vanilla latte sugar scrub – Gingerbread body scrub

Best Cleansers for Normal Skin – Oil cleansing method with olive, almond, or other oils – Foaming face wash – Body wash

Best Moisturizers for Normal Skin – Natural lotion bars – Homemade lotion

Natural Skincare for Oily Skin Switching to natural skincare can reduce oil production. Eating healthy reduces acne-causing skin inflammation.

-We don't want more oil or clogged pores. -Harsh soaps can worsen oily skin. -Certain oils and butters are comedogenic, meaning they clog pores.