Dermatologists suggested things like Acutane, antibiotics, birth control pills and strong facial cleansers.

The only one I ever tried was the prescription strength cleaners with Benzoyl peroxide and Salicylic acid

Skin Health from the Inside Out One thing I learned in the process of fixing my skin, was that there isn’t an overnight solution and (at least for me) the problem was as much internal as external.

My skin health are: Taking a good quality probiotic. I’ve taken several over the years, but the one that seemed most helpful for acne was Clear Probiotics as it has a strain that helps skin health.

Fat Soluble Vitamins: Once I added Fermented Cod Liver Oil to my daily regimen (years ago), my skin started to improve and it has continually gotten better over time.

Gelatin/Collagen: I’m a big fan of gelatin and collagen powder for many reasons, but I credit these with speeding the healing of my skin from years of acne.

L-Glutamine & HCL: I also started taking L-Glutamine for leaky gut and gut health, and it seemed to have a big impact on my skin as well.

Topical Remedies for Acne -Daily oil cleansing before bed or in the shower -Raw honey as a weekly facewash or mask -Once or twice weekly clay mud masks. Coming soon: a probiotic skin cream (see skin biome). -Sea Spray calming salt mist for skin also helped balance my skin's oils during the adjustment period.