Choosing the right nursing home is challenging. And COVID-19 has added another dimension when making long-term care decisions.

You or a loved one may confront this choice. Nearly 70% of 65-year-olds will need long-term care, according to HHS.

You can locate possible facilities and find inspection data by searching the U.S. News Best Nursing Homes rankings.

You can examine COVID-19 data on the CMS website. Data includes staff and resident immunisation rates and COVID-19 incidences and deaths.

– How are you protecting residents from COVID-19? – Are staff members and residents fully vaccinated with boosters against the virus? – Do residents have private rooms and bathrooms? – What is the number of COVID cases that would trigger a lockdown?

– What are your current visitor polices or restrictions? – What are the staffing ratios? – What is your staff turnover rate? – Which standard and higher-level services do you offer?

– What do nursing home surveys show? – How do you prevent pressure sores in this facility? – How does your facility avoid infections in general? – What if I run out of money?

– Do you provide special care for people with dementia? – How do you promote diversity so all residents feel comfortable? – What about mood-alerting medications? – How are you prepared for disasters?