Marshmallow Root dates back centuries. Iliad mentions it (written 2800 years ago). Ancient Greeks and Indians utilised it for healing.

It's a cooling, relaxing, slippery demulcent plant. It helps digestion, skin, and hair. When brewing Marshmallow Root tea, use cold water to preserve its mucilaginous qualities.

Some ways that we use it: As a soothing tea during colds, flu or sore throats. For digestive problems like heartburn, stomach illness or occasional digestive troubles. I usually mix with peppermint leaf or ginger to make a soothing tea.

On skin–Add to lotions, salves, and tinctures. Eczema and sunburn relief. In hair, I use the dried root in my homemade detangling hair spray (great for kids). Urinary infections–I've used Marshmallow Root tea to speed healing.

Where to Get Marshmallow Root – I order in bulk here by the pound. – I’ve also ordered in capsule form for easy use.

-You can order teabags if you won't use a whole pound for tea, detangling spray, marshmallows, or skin. -I ordered a marshmallow-root herbal salve for wound healing, skin irritation, and more.

Marshmallow Root Tea Recipe INGREDIENTS – 1 TBSP  Marshmallow Root – 1 tsp Peppermint Leaf optional- for taste – 1 cup warm not boiling water

INSTRUCTIONS – Combine the herbs and water in a pint size mason jar and put on the lid. – Shake gently and put in refrigerator for a few hours or overnight. – Strain and drink cool.