Generations of Americans have grown up with an affinity for breakfast cereals

It shows in the numbers, too. According to Bekryl, the breakfast cereal industry in North America was worth almost $15 billion in 2019

In fact, many breakfast cereals on the market today are actually something that people with diabetes might want to avoid

What if you could put something in your bowl that came close to replicating the colors, flavors, and textures of beloved breakfast cereals

Such a product might seem like it could only be created using magic. It does exist, though, and recently One Drop gave it a try to see if it lives up to its billing

According to One Drop, there was no blood sugar spike. While Adams did say that Magic Spoon will cost you a lot more than traditional cereal

Magic Spoon's nutrition facts claim that it's a high-protein, grain-free, and low-sugar product nonetheless designed to resemble popular breakfast cereals

 Honest Brand Reviews comment on the flavor notes of several varieties with some positive comments, though