Maxim Healthcare Services, the Caregiver Resource Center, provides a secure login gateway, My Maxim Connect, so employees and administrators can access their work account online. Statement, income, W2, salary data.

Users must have their username and password ready for both normal user login and an administrator login. Then, you can follow the initial steps below to access the My Maxim Connect portal.

– Visit Maxim Healthcare Services, Caregiver Resource Center, found at

– You will be redirected to the General User Login page by default, click on the “Administrator Login” link in the bottom right corner of the Sign In window if needed.

– Enter your Maxim username and password in the corresponding fields on the page. – Click the “Sign In” button to enter your account.

To Retrieve Username You'll need your ADP file number to retrieve your Maxim username. Follow the steps to find your username.

To Reset Password Three steps reset your password. Maxim Username Answer your security question Create a new Maxim password and confirm it.

For online communication, you may go to Maxim Health Care “Contact Us” page from the link below the ‘Contact Maxim’ column at the bottom of the My Maxim Link Portal.