Raw Manuka Honey is a mainstay in my herbal remedies cabinet to speed healing on all types of wounds, and I’ve used it with great results on several occasions.

My spiralizer recently chopped off my pinky finger's fingerprint. I'd stowed the replaceable blade where my children couldn't reach it and forgotten about it, so when I looked into the drawer for something else...

Burns can be extremely serious. I’ve only used this remedy on minor burns, although it is used in hospital settings as well.

Honey is well-documented for usage on all wounds, including cuts and punctures, but mainly on burns. Hundreds of research describe honey's medical usefulness for burns, ulcers, and other wounds.

Honey has been examined so much for burn therapy that a plan has been offered (as recommended in this meta-analysis of the available studies on honey).

Perhaps you’ve heard the often-repeated story of the French chemist and perfume maker René-Maurice Gattefossé who discovered first-hand the benefits of lavender for burns when a laboratory explosion left him literally on fire.

Lavender Honey Burn Salve Ingredients: – 1/4 cup raw manuka honey (I use this one) – 20 drops lavender essential oil – Optional: A silicon tube for storage

.Instructions: Mix lavender essential oil and honey, if using. This can be stored in a stainless steel container, small jar, or assembled as needed (hopefully never!). I've poured honey right from the jar onto a burn and added lavender. I hope I never need this remedy (and neither do you), but I keep it on hand