A fixed mindset thinks talent alone is enough for success and effort is irrelevant. With a fixed attitude, we give up if we don't see a solution or alternative route.

Things I can control & things I can not control… Understanding what we can change and what we can not change is helpful as it changes how we look at things.

What makes a person a good friend? Being able to identify positive friend attributes helps us find and keep good friends and become a better friend ourselves.

Your hero? How are you like them? By choosing a person you admire and analysing their character attributes, you can copy them.

Write yourself 'Happiness Instructions' By recognising our happiness-boosting activities, we can perform them more often.

Finish the sentence “I am….” Self-criticism makes it hard to esteem ourselves. Identify yourself. Consider your relationships, academics, creativity, adjectives, favourite outings and stuff.

Name something you struggle to understand. Struggling is a part of life and learning, unfortunately, but breaking down the learning into small bits can make it easier.

Happy or Rich? Do we desire all the money in the world? Would you rather have all the money you need but not be happy or be happy but poor?