Jojoba (pronounced hoh-hoh-bah) is a liquid wax that closely resembles the natural oils of the skin (sebum). That’s right, jojoba oil isn’t an oil at all but is actually a liquid plant wax.

Though Native Americans used it to treat skin sores and wounds and probably much more, modern societies have only been using this jojoba since the 1970s.

Proven Benefits of Jojoba Oil similar to skin’s natural sebum – anti-fungal high in vitamins and minerals that support healthy skin – antioxidant – healing – antibacterial – anti-inflammatory

Jojoba Oil Uses Moisturizer As mentioned, jojoba oil is an amazing moisturizer and absorbs into the skin much the way natural sebum does.

Makeup Remover Because jojoba is so close to sebum and doesn’t clog pores, it’s an excellent way to remove makeup without drying out the skin.

Oil Balancer It may seem strange to put oil on oily skin but it works. Like oil cleansing, jojoba oil works in two ways.

Lip Balm Because it’s so moisturizing, jojoba oil can be used as a lip moisturizer. It’s a common ingredient in homemade lip balms but can be used on its own as well.

Skin Condition Treatment Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis are often accompanied by dry skin and inflammation. Jojoba works well to hydrate the skin as well as reduce inflammation.

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