For many Americans, the only financial goal as of late has been staying afloat

When choosing a financial adviser it's important to conduct an interview. This is a person who will be handling your money

He added that you shouldn't rush a decision and that you must do your research, interview multiple advisers

 Asset allocation: a strategy balancing your risk tolerance and goals by apportioning a portfolio's assets. Fiduciary: the person or company that acts on your behalf

This is personal, as with most investment decisions. However, there are some key points that have proven over time to yield good results

Before stocking up, investors would be wise to consider the investment vehicle and account that they are using since those details could play a part in the number of stocks

Show me the money, am I right? The scariest part of investing is risk and control. And like in all learning processes, positive reinforcement works best

Investing in a retirement account, like a 401(k) or an IRA, will not have (much) impact for tax-deferred accounts