Gas and oil prices are extremely volatile right now, which could dampen summer travel plans as consumers struggle to budget for ever-changing flight costs.

Joe Brancatelli, publisher of, says 2021 and 2020 were the summers of the staycation. So if people are desperate to travel, fares won't matter much.

Flight prices are determined by a complex algorithm that includes oil prices, the global economic outlook, internal projections, competitor rates, and historical data.

Try these strategies to get cheap flights this year: – Timing matters: not too early, not too late. – Set alerts and do your research. – Be flexible in price, destination and timing. – Be prepared for pandemic disruptions. – Consider seasonality before booking.

"To time it right, think of 'Goldilocks' windows: not too early, not too late, in the middle."

"Southwest and Spirit have the cheapest fares further out," says Skift's Edward Russell. "American and United are holding inventory, so it's a crapshoot."

To purchase at the lowest ticket price, Keyes suggests exercising patience and researching flight prices daily to get the best deal.

Travel experts say flexibility is king in 2022, as it has been every year since the pandemic began.