If you're nearing retirement, all of this market volatility can be especially unnerving

When you're going to be relying on your savings, watching your investment portfolio drop in value can be tough to stomach

It can be tough to retire during a market downturn, because your retirement fund may be worth less than it is when the market is thriving

Before you retire, consider how much of your income will come from your savings versus other sources, such as Social Security or a pension

If you have a strong nest egg and expect to receive a decent amount from Social Security, you may be able to retire comfortably

When the market dips, stock prices are at their lowest. This makes market downturns a particularly bad time to withdraw your money

If you retire during a market slump and have to start withdrawing money, you may have no choice but to lock in those losses

On the other hand, if you wait to retire, you can avoid tapping your investments until stock prices recover