Is There Significant Memory Loss We all lose some memory as we age, and the occasional misplaced keys or disappearing remote are nothing to worry about.

Is Your Elderly Loved One Safe in the Home Check the home for clutter, loose rugs, exposed electrical cords and other dangers that could cause a fall.

Is He or She Safe Driving a Car We all make jokes about the old man driving too slow in the left lane, but it’s not funny

Has Your Loved One Lost Weight Unexpected and unexplained weight loss could be a sign of either physical or mental health problems – or potentially both.

Difficulty cooking – It may be hard to summon the energy or desire to cook, difficult to hold and manipulate cooking tools or challenging to read labels or follow directions and recipes.

Loss of taste or smell. Aging naturally causes diminishment in these senses, and when food doesn't taste or smell good, eating becomes less enjoyable

Socioeconomic issues. Your loved one might find grocery shopping physically difficult or too expensive if they have financial pressures.

Other health conditions. Weight loss can be a symptom of a serious underlying medical problem, such as malnutrition, dementia, depression or cancer.