Windows' built-in notification center can help you keep track of activities happening in the background. It alerts you with messages from different programs and websites.

Fortunately, you can turn off Windows notifications in a few simple steps.

indows notifications are enabled in most Windows 11 computers by default.

You can turn off your Windows notifications in different ways, but the best method is through Windows Settings.

1. First, right-click the Start Menu icon on your taskbar and select Settings. A menu will appear where you choose from common apps native to Windows.

2. Navigate to System > Notifications. This section of your Windows Settings lets you set your preferences in regards to quick actions and notifications.

3. Under the Notifications section, toggle off “Get notifications from apps and other senders.” Notifications are now completely disabled on your Windows 11 PC.

4. If you wish to just disable notifications from specific applications, scroll down to the “Get notifications from these senders” section. Then, select the apps whose notifications you want to turn off.