The Fast Startup feature promised to help Windows 11 users experience faster boot times for their PCs.

Fast Startup works by saving critical operating system files in the hibernation drive. Doing so means that your computer can quickly recover previous proce

Your computer can recover prior processes without reloading them. It combines Windows cold shutdown and hibernate.

Fast Startup can be disabled for many reasons. First, it can impede system updates. Windows Update requires a full PC restart.

1. First, search and open your Control Panel using the Start menu. Your Control Panel contains most of the settings of your computer.

2. Select Hardware and Sounds>Power Options. You can set power usage preferences on the Power Options page.

3. On the left-side menu, select “Choose what the power buttons do.” 4. Select "Change unavailable settings" near the window's top. This lets you alter the Shutdown options in the same window.

5. Under the Shutdown setting section, untick “Turn on fast startup.” Fast Startup will no longer interfere with your shutdown and powerup cycle.