macOS’s built-in screenshot app is plenty capable, but if you use it regularly you may find yourself wondering how to take better screenshots on Mac.

For instance, there’s no way to search screenshots by their content and you can’t take long screenshots. With third-party software, you can easily patch these shortcomings.

There are many apps available for your Mac that can supercharge your screenshot experience.

With Shottr, you no longer have to capture multiple screenshots to cover a lengthy web page or text thread. It allows you to take a scrolling screenshot.

The Screenotate app can do what none of its peers can. It lets you sift through your screenshots not by their name, but by the text they contain.

Think of CleanShot as the swiss-army knife of screenshot apps. It’s an app for screenshot power users who need a better solution to manage and share them.

Like Shottr, CleanShot also has the ability to capture scrolling screenshots. What’s more, it can extract text from whatever you are reading at the moment.

CleanShot is not free, nor does it have a trial. You will have to either shell out for a $29 one-time cost or subscribe to the $8 per month subscription.