This mini-guide explains how to remotely spy on your husband's cell phone without touching it.

Step 1: Create a hoverwatch account. Step 2: Enter the email id and set the password. Click on all the checkboxes and the sign-up button.

Step 3: Download as needed either on the mobile phone or on windows. Step 4: Once the download is done the app auto-install. Step 5: Now agree to the terms and conditions of the license agreement.

Step 6: Hoverwatch asks for users’ approval for certain application requirements like: – All the basic permissions. – Disable battery optimization. – Access to use. – Disable app notifications.

Step 7: Enter your email id and password and hoverwatch will show the user activities that can be tracked.

Step 8: Choose a PIN and complete the installation process.

Once installed, the page will redirect to the control panel from where one can spy on the chats, and call logs.

In a survey conducted, it was concluded that one out of every five cheated on their partners. In this smartphone age spying on such cheats has become a child’s play.