We know you'd rather go to the dentist or DMV than make a budget. It's the first step to saving money.

Time your purchases like a pro. You may not be able to time a car repair or vet bill, but with discretionary purchases, knowing when to get the best deals can mean big savings.

Master the art of getting stuff for free. Becoming a hermit isn’t the only way to save money. There are plenty of ways to get free stuff or have fun on the cheap.

Smash your credit card debt once and for all. The average APR for people who carry credit card debt is well over 16%. Your bank jumps for joy when you don’t pay off your balance because it’s getting rich off all that interest.

Flex interest rates to your advantage. Although they may be on the rise, interest rates are still low, especially if you haven’t refinanced your mortgage in a number of years.

Lower your student loan payments. If you’re struggling to pay off student loans, take advantage of the freeze on interest and payments during the forbearance period to talk to your servicers about whether an income-driven repayment plan is an option for your federal loans.

Do meal prep. Don’t go overboard. Grocery stores play all kinds of sneaky mind games with you, and you’re most vulnerable if you shop while you’re harried and hangry.

Be skeptical when something seems like a deal. $11 more for free shipping? Leave the online cart. If you're asked to pay for something "free," it's not free.