Square footage is important when calculating the value of your home, comparing it to similar properties, planning a renovation, or buying new furniture for a specific room.

Professional appraisals often calculate a property's square footage. If you need the details now or want to ensure accuracy, you can do it yourself.

You’ll need: – Tape measure. – Paper and pencil. – Calculator.

With your tools in hand, it’s time to get started measuring: 1. Know what you’re measuring. Keep in mind that how you measure your home’s square footage and how another person may measure it can vary.

2. Work room by room. When calculating the interior living area, calculate the area of each room and add them together for the total square footage of the home.

3. Determine the room’s shape and measure accordingly: Square or rectangle Square or rectangle with extras Triangle Circle

4. Combine measurements. Add the shapes' areas to get the room's square footage. Include hallways and closets when calculating your home's interior square footage.

Leave the following areas out of your calculations: – Space between walls. – Utility room. – Garage. – Unfinished attic space. – Any room or part of a room where the ceiling is less than 7 feet high.