Whether you’re unemployed, disabled, a stay-at-home parent, retired or simply want some extra income, here are ways real people have made money without a typical job

Get Free Money From This Company Using Aspiration's debit card gets you free money. Who wants free money? Yep. Aspiration debit cards offer 5% cash back on every swipe.

Invest in Real Estate Want to invest without being a landlord? Oh, and you don't need $100,000. Start with $500. Fundrise handles all the work.

Squirrel Away Your Spare Change You can connect your debit and credit cards, and Acorns rounds up your purchases and squirrels away the change

Share Your Opinions Too many people share their opinion on social media, wanted or not. Some companies will listen to you. Pays.

Help Make the Internet a Better Place You can address envelopes with good handwriting and calligraphy tools. Calligraphers can make $2 to $5 per piece.

Get a $5 Amazon Gift Card Swagbucks pays for surveys. Yup. You get paid to answer personal questions. You can earn a $5 bonus in seconds.For Playing Words With Friends

Invest 15 Cents Into the Stock Market Penny Hoarder reader Jeremy Kolodziej opened an Acorns account. The app's round-up feature rounds up purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the spare change, helping him save $1,076 in 20 months.