Not ready to try organ meats? Replenish and re-energize with these easy-to-take liver capsules! Prep Time           Total Time 10 mins                1 d

Equipment – Dehydrator or oven – Parchment paper (and baking sheets if using the oven) – Blender, food processor or coffee grinder

Materials – Liver – can use beef chicken, lamb (any amount)

Instructions – Rinse the liver well under cool running water. – Put defrosted liver in a food processor or blender, and blend until pureed. If your liver comes already thinly sliced, then you can also just use it as is.

– Cut unbleached parchment paper to fit the dehydrator or baking trays. Pour or lay out the liver on the trays in even layers.

– Dehydrate at 105° F/41° C for 24 hours. Keeping the liver at a low temperature allows it to remain in its raw state. Most ovens only go down to 170 degrees which will work, but the liver will no longer be raw.

-When dried, liver snaps readily. If it bends, dehydrate it longer. -Pulverize liver in food processor or blender. Coffee grinders require more batches.

-Encapsulate the liver powder as directed. You can scoop and pack powder into capsules without a machine. The machine helps. – Store in a mason jar in a cool, dry place.

Your Own Liver Capsules