The New York Times would like you to play the game on its site, it remains a simple process to install it on any mobile phone for free so you don't have to pull up your browser and hunt it down for your daily game.

Wordle is a simple word game created by Josh Wardle that captured the attention of many users thanks to its simplicity and limited nature.

Wordle fiend, we have a quick and easy method on iOS or Android to place the game on your home screen like an app.

Wordle is playable once per day and gives you six chances to guess that day's word with color-coded hints after each guess.

How to install Wordle on your iPhone – Open the Safari browser – Navigate to

– Tap on the Share button – Select Add to Home Screen – Tap Add in the upper-right corner

How to install Wordle on your Android phone – Open Google Chrome – Navigate to

– Tap on the overflow menu (three dots) in the upper-right corner – Select Add to Home screen – Tap Add