Some use Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri. Sometimes we want to try new fonts.

Unfortunately, even with the hundreds of fonts already available on Windows, it can sometimes be difficult to find the exact design we want.

Windows 11 probably doesn't include a comic-book-style typeface. Download fonts online and install them on your computer to fix this.

1. Font installation is easy. Double-click the font's folder if it's already downloaded. Installing a new font may require administrator privileges.

2. Next, wait for your new font to be installed. You will see a loading bar while it is being installed. Once it’s done, you should now see your new font in your text applications.

3. You can also simply copy and paste the font into the main font folder, which you can find using your Control Panel. To do so, open your Control Panel.

4. Go to Appearance and Personalization and select Fonts.

5. Paste your new file to the folder that just opened. Make sure the file you are pasting has a .TTF or .OPF file extension.