It occurred to me as I sat researching the sebaceous glands one night with a bentonite clay face mask on that perhaps my face mask was the answer to the armpit question as well.

Detoxifying Armpit Clay Mask Recipe INGREDIENTS Ingredients – 1 TBSP bentonite clay – 1 tsp apple cider vinegar – 1-2 tsp water

INSTRUCTIONS Instructions – Mix all of the ingredients in a glass bowl (do not use metal!) with a wooden or non-metal spoon until about the consistency of sour cream.

– Spread in an even layer over the armpits and allow to sit for 5-20 minutes. I suggest starting slowly and working up to a longer period of time once you see how your body adjust. If it hurts at all, remove immediately.

– This may cause some redness as it will increase blood flow to the area, but it will go away quickly. – Wash off in the shower or with a warm, wet washcloth.

– Repeat daily or as needed until underarm odor goes away and natural deodorant is non-irritating.

After detoxifying, keep armpits functioning properly by letting them sweat! I know this isn’t the most socially acceptable (or the most pleasant at times), but I find that I experience less sweat the longer I use a natural approach.

If you have some coconut oil, shea butter, and a few essential oils on hand, you can probably make your own natural deodorant!