The site found that the average monthly cable package costs $217.42. That's more than the average household's monthly utility costs of $205.50.

Due to promotional pricing and bundled services, it's hard to answer "How much is cable a month?"

The FCC publishes a biennial Report on Cable Industry Prices. The last update was in 2018.

At that time, it found cable companies were charging the following average prices: – Basic service: $25.40 per month – Expanded basic service: $71.37 per month

Knowing average package pricing may be more helpful than TV-only service pricing because many people buy bundled packages. found average bundled plan prices: $129.05/month for TV and internet $144.95/month for TV, internet, and phone

Money-saving expert Andrea Woroch says cable bills rise every six months to a year. If your bill has skyrocketed since you signed up, you may want to reconsider.

Promotional pricing attracts new cable customers. The price can rise after the first year. Call for a promotional rate to save money.