Reaching for your iPhone when you wake up may not be the greatest approach to be "Zen" (It's tempting.) Meditation helps. It's been demonstrated to aid with stress and sex drive.

Denise Mari, 40, New York City, founder of Organic Avenue “Meditation is as necessary to peace of mind as air and water is necessary to life. I meditate daily as part of my yoga practice and to really increase the goodness in life,” says Mari.

Sounds great, but how does she make sure it happens? “I begin and end each day with it—for 11 minutes—whether it’s on a yoga mat or my bed, when I first wake up or just before I go to sleep,” she says.

Rachel Krupa, 34, Los Angeles, founder of Krupa Consulting “I’m relatively new to meditation—I started in December 2013, and it’s been life changing. Last winter, I felt as if I was being chaotically pulled in too many directions, and there was not enough time in the day to accomplish everything.

I meditate every morning. I set my alarm 15 minutes early, walk outside on my balcony (the delights of sunny LA), or sit in front of my window, light a candle, and go! On hard days, I use Unplug Meditation.

Julia Dzafic, 28, New York City, head of online marketing for Nourish Snacks “I started my meditation practice about two years ago to help with insomnia. Now, I try to meditate for at least five minutes before bed,” says Dzafic.

"Meditating is a decision. Even though my life is busy, meditation has helped me achieve serenity and clarity. Learning to calm my mind and be present in each moment has changed my life.

Learning to calm my mind and be present in each moment has changed my life.