The Best Hospitals rankings are broken into two subcomponents. Understanding which one is more relevant to you depends on the medical condition for which you’re seeking hospital quality information.

The Best Hospitals specialty rankings are meant for patients with life-threatening or rare conditions who need a hospital that excels in treating complex, high-risk cases

These rankings are helpful if you’re looking for information about a rare condition or difficult diagnosis that isn’t treated at many facilities.

Hospitals are ranked from 1 to 50 in each specialty, with any hospitals not in the top 50 but still in the top 10% of all rated hospitals receiving a “high performing” designation.

Remember, even if a hospital isn’t in the top 10 or high performing, it’s one of the best hospitals in the country for that specialty by virtue of being rated at all.

Our strict eligibility criteria ensure we’re only evaluating hospitals that regularly treat complex cases and therefore have the experience to provide high-quality care.

The Best Hospitals procedure and condition ratings focus on specific and more commonly required individual procedures and conditions,

The goal is to evaluate how well hospitals perform in each procedure or condition