I write a lot about oral health, and I’m fascinated with how it really does affect the whole body! I’ve spent years working on creating natural toothpastes and oral care.

Natural toothpaste may not be as sweet as conventional, and it doesn’t have the foaming action. This recipe doesn’t have any baking soda in it, so it’s not salty like some natural options.

Not every essential oil is safe to put in your mouth, and some that are safe for adults aren’t safe for kids. We also have to consider how much of each oil we’re using.

You can find quality essential oils at Plant Therapy.  – Peppermint – Spearmint – Orange – Grapefruit

– Lemon – Tangerine – Bergamot – Kumquat – Lime – Myrrh – Cinnamon (use sparingly) – Clove (use sparingly)

I’ve found calcium and MCT oil do a good job of whitening on their own, but there’s a way to boost the whitening power.

If I add something sweet to our meals I go for natural options like honey, maple syrup, or coconut sugar.

Medium-chain triglyceride or MCT oil is my secret ingredient in this recipe. It’s derived from coconut or palm oil but stays liquid at different temperatures so it’s easier to work with.