Health authorities recommend capping sugar intake at 50 grams per day for most adults

While 50 grams of sugar may sound like a lot, sugar has a sneaky way of creeping in your diet -- and creeping up on you throughout the day

Overdoing sugar in your diet can lead to health problems down the line like heart disease and diabetes

For this reason, and others like generally feeling better throughout the day, it's important to keep daily sugar intake in check

The recommendation for men is no more than 9 tsp. of sugar or 150 calories from added sugar daily and for women and kids 6 tsp. sugar and 100 calories daily

It's important to clarify the kind of sugar, since there is a real difference between the sugar that's added to food and the sugar that's found naturally in foods

Natural sugars come along with additional health benefits like water, fiber, vitamins and minerals so those aren't as widely limited

If you have a weight issue or if you are trying to prevent diabetes you may need to watch naturally occurring sugars