Here we’ll explore why too much shampoo can damage hair, how often you need to lather up, and other hair-raising facts.

Overwashing can damage hair and scalp. Hair follicles produce more oil to compensate, causing more washing.

This can cause dry, damaged hair that's easier to break.

How Often to Wash Hair The frequency of hair washing depends on several factors. Age Ethnicity Environment and Activity level Hormones

How Often to Wash by Hair Type Fine or oily hair – About 2-4 times a week or about every other day. Medium to coarse hair – About every 3-7 days. Coarse and textured hair – Once a week, or even once every other week.

Shampooing the scalp is recommended. Focus conditioner on hair ends, not the scalp.

Washing Hair Less Helps: – Restore shine because we’re not stripping the oils all the time. – Save money and time. – Give hair more body and makes it easier to style. – Scalp to not be as dry and over time hair will be less greasy.

Eating a nutrient-dense diet and avoiding processed foods help the scalp and hair to stay its healthiest.