Let's clarify... No perfect house exists. Moving is complicated. Neighborhood, school district, square footage, etc.

I value a healthy, hazard-free house. Mold, lead, formaldehyde, and EMF exposure are poisons.

This is a big one to unpack since there are so many sources of radiation exposure in our modern world. You may be surprised to hear I don’t try to avoid this one altogether.

For a healthy home avoid property that’s: – within ¼ mile of high voltage power lines – close to a cell phone tower or a 5G antenna – close to street power lines, especially poles with transformers.

That musty basement smell is more than unpleasant. Mold, and the mycotoxins they release, can be detrimental to human health.

Mold in the home is bad enough, but we also need to pay attention to who (and what) surrounds the property. Is the home close to a large factory or windmill farm?

While asbestos is no longer used in home construction, it is still present in some older houses. This is something a good home inspector should be able to find.

We all know lead is bad, but what does it really do to the body? The CDC outlines the dangers of lead exposure.