Our family loves summer activities. We arrange road trips, family visits, cultural experiences, and camping all year.

Supplies for Camping Recipes Our family doesn't "glamp" in a luxurious RV. You'll find us in the woods, each with a rucksack full of supplies.

Cooler For shorter camping trips or backpacking adventures on foot you might not want to lug a cooler and ice around.

Cast Iron Skillet and Oven A cast iron dutch oven for camping is similar to the one in my kitchen but without the enamel coating.

Cast Iron Cookers Two-sided cookers are popular for sandwiches and french breakfast, but you can also create s'mores and vegetables.

Grill Grate This goes over a campfire so you can cook. You may grill healthy foods like meat and vegetables right on the grate.

Stainless Steel Pot This is a lighter-weight option for camp foods and is good when you’re making something that doesn’t work as well in cast iron.

Foil Packets These are a really popular option because you can wrap something in foil and set it in the coals or ashes to cook.