WHO is focusing on Food Safety for the third cycle of Health Talks, which begins on the World Food Safety Day 2022

The “Health Talks on Food Safety,” from June 7 to 9, aims to increase awareness and encourage a variety of stakeholders to debate and discuss an array of topics on health and food safety.

Health Talks on Food Safety: – Improving emergency response in global food safety – Safer food, better health, HQ World Food Safety Day Event

– High-level plenary session: Food Safety Strategy – Empowering consumers to access safe food

– Enabling safer food in traditional markets – Digitalization, food safety and trade: A regulator's perspective

– Food safety and takeaway/delivery – Global Harmonized Food Safety Standards and improved labelling

– Emerging issues in food safety – Food traceability – Food fraud and food defense

The Health Talks will also feature two plenary sessions that will bring participants together to focus on WHO’s Global Strategy for Food Safety and on the theme of the World Food Safety Day, Safer food, better health.