Ever since I had James Clear on my podcast, I have been intrigued about optimizing my habits. James is the author of Atomic Habits, and I learned so much from him about habit stacking.

You should know that I don’t typically do any one habit daily, but I do some combination of these just about every morning after I wake up for my morning routine.

I've discussed the health benefits of walking barefoot on the earth. Grounding is one of my favourite early-morning activities. I love starting my day in nature.

I love using my sauna and all the health benefits of sweating. If I’m crunched for time, I will dry brush when I first get in (before I get all sweaty.) Getting into the sauna is my cue to dry brush.

Using a castor oil pack on your tummy or liver with a heating pack is easy to do at home.

While I’m waiting for the water to get hot, I often dry brush my skin. Dry brushing is a great way to flush your lymphatic system. This is my favorite brush set.

A friend told me she struggles to remember to water her plants, so while waiting for hot water, she puts an old pitcher under the tub faucet and lets it fill up.

My friend’s dad boasted that he flosses his teeth while sitting in rush hour every weekday. I wouldn’t recommend doing anything unsafe like stretching while driving, though.