According to the BLS, Americans spend 11% more on food than a year ago. Food costs rose 11.9% in the year ending May 2022, according to the government. It's the biggest 12-month gain since April 1979.

"Final Straw" director Patrick Lydon blames U.S. food production, delivery, and consumption for rising supermarket prices. Using agroecological or regenerative farming approaches, he creates municipal or locally owned food systems.

Eggs 12-month price increase: 32.2% Substitute: Applesauce, silken tofu

Butter and Margarine 12-month price increase: 20.2% Substitute: Oils, applesauce

Citrus Fruit 12-month price increase: 16.1% Substitute: Local produce

Fresh and Frozen Chicken Parts 12-month price increase: 19.3% Substitute: Eggplant

Bacon and Breakfast Sausage 12-month price increase: 15.6% Substitute: Umami-flavored ingredients

Milk 12-month price increase: 15.9% Substitute: Dry milk, yogurt, water