Gmail productivity boosters you’re probably not using yet. Visually organize your mail with a set of stars

Here’s a handful of my personal favorite hidden gems that most people haven’t turned on, haven’t discovered, or have just plain forgotten about

Starring important messages is a good way to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff, but sometimes a single star doesn’t quite make it clear

SCHEDULE EMAILS TO SEND LATER You can schedule emails to be sent at various times—I prefer in the middle of the night

WRITE EMAILS IN GOOGLE DOCS There’s just something about hammering out an email in Google Docs that feels much more professional

SEND CONFIDENTIAL, SELF-DESTRUCTING EMAILS Look, we all know we’re not supposed to send sensitive information via email, but sensitivity is a sliding scale

RETRIEVE A FILE VIA EMAIL: If you're the type that leaves their email client open all the time, this trick could be a real neck-saver

GROUP AND ORGANIZE YOUR CONTACTS It might sound obvious to some, but far too few people utilize and harness the power of contact grouping