Aston University study found frequent fruit eaters had greater positive mental well-being

People who frequently eat fruit are more likely to report greater positive psychological well-being and are less likely to report symptoms of depression

These findings suggest that how often we eat fruit is more important to our mental health than the total amount we consume during a typical week

People who eat savory snacks such as potato chips, which are low in nutrients, are more likely to report greater levels of anxiety

The researchers looked at the relationship between their consumption of fruit, vegetables, sweet and savory food snacks, and their psychological health

The scientists found that both nutrient-rich fruit and nutrient-poor savory snacks appeared to be linked to psychological health

Based on the survey, the more often people ate fruit,  the higher they scored for mental well-being and the lower they scored for depression

A greater number of lapses was associated with higher reported symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression, and lower mental wellbeing scores