Finance reporter Allie Canal breaks down the latest food index data

Inflation at a new 40-year high, rising 9.1% in June. Now one of the biggest contributors, the cost of food

The food category continuing to see those price increases, up 1% over the month, but a whopping 10.4% on an annual basis

If we look specifically at grocery store items, you'll see that the prices of cereal, bread, chicken, all seeing increases on a month-over-month basis

So meat lovers can find a bit of solace in that, but year-over-year really across the board, we're seeing double digit price increases for a lot of those basic food

Eggs, for example, that's up a whopping 33% compared to June 2021. So just another month of hotter than expected inflation data

Monthly visits to Starbucks were down nearly 8% year-over-year. Dunkin' also down nearly 5% on a year-over-year basis

But pre-pandemic foot traffic levels, Dunkin' is relatively on par to where they were in 2019. Starbucks not really there. Still off about 7%