Country Singer Luke Bell, 32, Found Dead a Week After Reported Missing

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Fans of the late Princess Diana have placed tributes outside the gates of her Kensington Palace home, marking the 25th anniversary of her death in a Paris car accident


White chrysanthemums spelling "Princess Diana" rested among dozens of photos and inscriptions left by lovers, some of whom make annual pilgrimages to the spot to mourn the tragedy.

“We simply come here, do the tribute, and discuss about things she used to do to... let people know we will never forget the princess," said Julie Cain, 59, who travelled from Newcastle, England. "We want her legacy to last forever."

Julie Cain, 59, from Newcastle, England, said, "We come here, pay tribute, and discuss things she used to do to let people know we will never forget the princess." "Her legacy must endure."

The audience watched as she transformed from a shy adolescent into an international style star who befriended AIDS victims and captivated Nelson Mandela. 

She showed William and Harry how to connect with people and remain relevant in the 21st century.

"That girl stuck out. Scott observed the fairy-tale princess' wedding. "You knew her because you saw her on TV every day. She was in newspapers, magazines. She's everywhere. You thought she was part of your life."