Tardigrades are tiny, microscopic, cute, eight-legged micro-organisms that are potentially the pioneers of life on Earth. They are the toughest animals on the planet regardless of their size.

1 The tardigrades are as small as 0.002 inches and at maximum can grow up to 0.05 inches. They are usually never bigger than 0.04 inches.

2 Tardigrades are minuscule creatures that are at the edge of visibility for the normal human eye.

3 Tardigrades are barrel-shaped and are often nicknamed ‘water bears’ for their movement closely resembling a bear strolling around.

4 The actual word “tardigrade” means “slow-paced.”

5 Tardigrades can move their heads without depending on their bodies, and some have eyes

6 Tardigrades come out of their eggs with fully formed adult cells.

7 Scientists have found tardigrades in an Antarctic subglacial lake where evidence of life is very rare.