F1 22 has better accessibility, revised physics modelling, a variety of driving challenges, and more depth.

Pros +Impressive reworked physics and AI +Supercars and F2 provide a world of additional challenges +Nice new additions to full Grand Prix simulation

– New gameplay tweaks improve accessibility +F1 Life is a nice showroom of your achievements…

Cons -…but it may feel unnecessary to some players -Full simulation settings takes a lot of trial and error

-No Braking Point single-player story -Plenty of EA Sports’ fingerprints across expanded microtransactions

The first game of a new era of F1 regulations, including new aero rules, new tyres and all-round beefier cars.

it is the first full entry in the series since EA’s $1.2 billion buyout of Codemasters back in February 2021 (mid-way through the development cycle of F1 2021).

We know what's new, but with a second hands-on at all 22 tracks and access to F1 Life, we'll see how it all works.