Pulling exercises Pulling exercises are an effective way to get in strength and resistance training, which should be part of everyone's exercise regimen, says Jonathan Jordan

Pickup basketball and sprinting Getting a good cardio workout is important for men in all age groups.

Squats Squats are versatile, and you can do them with no equipment. "The most important thing with the squat is proper form," says Jim White

Lunges Lunges are another exercise that will keep your core and legs toned, White says. Make sure your upper body is straight,

Yoga Take a deep breath: namaste. "A lack of deep breathing really begins to exacerbate other problems in the human body

Planks Planks – you may love them or hate them, but this grunt-worthy exercise will strengthen your core.

Lifting, jumping and bending Activities like jumping, lifting, bending and twisting – functional exercises – can help train muscles that are used for everyday activities like mowing the lawn

Walking, bicycling and swimming Low-impact exercises can be an important part of a man's daily exercise regimen