Every cell needs protein. It builds and repairs muscle, bone, hair, fingernails, cartilage, skin, and blood and makes enzymes and hormones that regulate metabolism, growth, and other things.

Protein provides building blocks for our cells as they grow, divide, and die.

Most people can meet their protein needs with real food instead of supplements.

PROTEIN BEST PRACTICES 1. SPREAD OUT PROTEIN BETWEEN MEALS Spreading protein throughout meals and snacks helps your body digest, absorb, and use it.

2. EAT PROTEIN IMMEDIATELY AFTER EXERCISE After exercise, muscles are most sensitive to nutrients they can use to repair and grow (ideally within an hour).

3. PAIR PROTEIN WITH CARBS Protein is needed for muscle repair and carbs for refuelling after aerobic exercise (like running).

4. SEEK OUT MORE PLANT PROTEIN More plant-based protein is good for everyone, vegetarian or not. Beans, peas, quinoa, and lentils are high in protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

5. CHOOSE LEAN CUTS OF MEAT Look for lean pork and beef tenderloin. Round, chuck, and loin are lean cuts.