Macronutrients are carbohydrates, fat, and protein, the main nutrients in our diet. Each is essential for body function.

WHERE TO FIND MACROS – High-carb, low-protein: fruits and vegetables – High-carb, low-fat: pasta, rice, cereal, bread, legumes, fruits, vegetables

– High-fat, low-carb: nuts, seeds, olive oil, cheese – High-fat, low-protein: avocado, olive oil, coconut milk – High-protein, low-carb: eggs, meat, fish

Focusing on macros instead of calories can help you lose weight.

Despite having the same macronutrient profile (60 percent protein and 40 percent fat), 100 grammes of salmon and hot wings are not nutritionally equivalent.

HOW TO TRACK MACROS IN MYFITNESSPAL 1. SET YOUR CALORIES The first step is to establish your target calorie intake, based on your current weight, age, height, sex, activity level and goals.

2. SET YOUR MACROS Click "Goals" in MyFitnessPal to view or edit your "Daily Nutrition Goals."

3. PLAN AND TRACK YOUR DIET MyFitnessPal totals carbs, fat, and protein as you enter meals and snacks.