These unsightly bumps can be just as irritating and troublesome as the infamous Ms. Salt. Warts are unsightly, but more importantly they also indicate a deeper health issue.

A doctor or dermatologist can cut, burn, or freeze a wart out, but some find that the warts still come back with these methods

Homeopathics Homeopathy is based off of each individual person’s constitution and health history. Ideally one would work with an experienced homeopathic doctor who could match a remedy for each person’s condition.

Essential Oils Certain essential oils contain antiviral properties that can help stave off warts. Oregano, tea tree, and lemongrass essential oil are frequently used on warts.

Fresh Basil Basil contains volatile oils that are high in antibacterial and antiviral properties. When the fresh leaves are chewed and placed on a sting or bite, it helps to draw out the toxins from the area

Milky Sap From Plants Not everyone has access to wild plant medicines, but they are cheap and effective remedies for warts. The milky sap from specific plants can be applied to warts several times a day until improvement is seen.

Raw Garlic Garlic is a potent remedy for many ailments due to its wide array of antimicrobial benefits. Raw garlic slices can be used to get rid of warts.

Bananas and Potatoes No one really knows why, but banana peels and potato slices have been successfully used for many years as folk remedies for warts. As improbable as it may sound, some people swear by these methods.