Since becoming healthier, my digestion has improved. Our son's allergies have greatly improved (and who had a complete turnaround thanks to the GAPS diet).

1. Start Drinking Bone Broth When you're sick, you crave chicken soup. Even when you're healthy, consuming nutrient-dense bone broth daily is good for your gut and overall health.

2. Change bathroom posture Sitting on the toilet may cause more problems than we realise. Squatting to use the bathroom is more efficient and natural, and can reduce bathroom time.

3. Get Enough Magnesium I’ve been a magnesium evangelist ever since it helped me manage my morning sickness while pregnant. It turns out that magnesium is also great for better digestion.

4. Up the Probiotics The human gut is teeming with bacteria, and this is vitally essential because we rely on a mix of bad and good bacteria in our microbiome to keep us healthy.

5. Get Regular Exercise It’s important to get moving every single day, as daily exercise can benefit your cardiovascular health, as well as your digestion.

6. Eat More (Healthy) Fat! When we’re feeling stopped up, the most common advice we hear is to avoid protein and dairy products in favor of more fiber.

7. Tallen Up Posture affects digestive health like bathroom position. Posture and digestion? Slouching reduces blood flow to the digestive organs, which helps them function.