Perhaps your home is looking a dated. A major renovation is beyond your budget, but you can still perk up your home’s appearance.

Add a coat of paint. It was true in your parents’ time, and it’s still true today: The simple home renovation project that gives you the greatest return is a coat of paint.

Organize your closet. We all drool over closets filled with drawers, shelves and cubbyholes. Start by checking for shelving and drawer units you already have that would work as closet organizers.

Update kitchen and bath hardware. Changing the knobs and pulls on doors and drawers can drastically change your kitchen’s appearance. Use these pieces to declare your kitchen modern, traditional, whimsical – there are many choices.

Spruce up your front entry. Painting the front door, installing a new mailbox and house numbers and planting fresh flowers in pots or in beds can vastly improve the look of your home – and for minimal money and effort.

Install moulding. Crown moulding transforms a room and isn't expensive or difficult to install. Molding can be used on walls, ceilings, mirrors, and light fixtures to create custom designs.

Change faucets and showerheads. Nothing says 1985 like a gold bathroom faucet. Even if you have no plumbing experience, you can change a faucet following simple step-by-step instructions such as these from Lowe’s.

Add garage shelving and organisers. How you store stuff in your garage affects storage space. Create your own bespoke system with off-the-shelf shelves, bins, and hooks.