I support sugar waxing as one of its few uses. Sugar scrubs are second. How to make DIY sugar wax for smooth, radiant skin.

Sugaring involves applying warm, melted sugar to the skin and quickly removing it, along with body hair.

DIY Sugar Wax Recipe This easy recipe only calls for three ingredients and is a great way to get smoother, exfoliated legs.

Materials – ½ cup organic white sugar – 2 TBSP lemon juice – 2 TBSP filtered water

Instructions -Stir over medium-high heat. Continue heating and stirring until the mixture turns golden, about 4 minutes. -Remove from heat and pour into a lightly oiled mason jar. Oil keeps sugar wax from sticking to jars.

– Once it’s cooled down, but still warm, about 30 minutes, it’s ready to use.

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Notes Never sugar wax skin that’s cut, bruised, irritated, or otherwise damaged.