Besides the soothing feeling of warm steam on the face during illness, there are two additional benefits worth noting, especially when you add herbs to the mix:

Improve Skin Steam is often used in spas as part of a facial treatment. Facial steams are touted for their ability to open pores, soften skin, and improve circulation.

Ease Congestion I’ve used herbal steams for years for their ability to soothe coughing and congestion during illness. If I catch a cold, I often do an herbal face steam before bed to help me sleep.

Steam Inhalation for a Cold The best part about herbal face steams is that they take literally three minutes to prepare (unlike the longer process of making elderberry syrup).

Herbal Face Steam Recipe This simple facial steam bath with the added benefits of herbs can ease discomfort from a cold or cough

Materials – 1 TBSP thyme – 1 TBSP rosemary – 1 TBSP basil – 1 TBSP oregano – 1 TBSP peppermint leaf – 1 TBSP eucalyptus – 1 TBSP lavender flowers

Instructions How to Prepare -In a large pot, boil 1 inch of water. If using a bowl, boil water and pour it in. -Fold a towel in half and place it on a heat-proof, sturdy surface.

– Place the pot or bowl on top of this towel. – Add any combination of dried herbs you desire, stir well, and cover with a lid for 1-2 minutes.