Apple has added a new "Duplicates" album to Photos on iOS 16, and given us the tools to save space by safely deleting unwanted extra copies of images.

Maybe your finger slipped while using AirDrop to send images from your Mac to your iPhone. Or, in a totally random, entirely made up example, possibly, just possibly, you once imported your old Aperture library three times.

Without you doing anything at all, iOS 16 will now find every duplicate photo you've got. Then it's up to you what you want to do with them.

ow to see your duplicate photos 1. Open Photos on iOS 16 2. Tap on Albums 3. Scroll down to "Duplicates" 4. Tap to open it

"Duplicates" is a new album that comes under the Utilities heading. It comes after Imports, and before both Hidden and Recently Deleted.

How to get rid of all duplicates at once 1. In the "Duplicates" album, tap the small Select button 2. Tap the small Select All button that appears at top left 3. Lastly, tap on the "Merge Duplicates" text at the bottom of the screen

Go to the Recently Deleted album. Under iOS 16, this is locked with Face ID, so it takes a moment to get in there, but all of your recently trashed images will be waiting for you.

It's hard to let iOS delete photos, especially since duplicated ones are likely to be the shots you most care about.